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Example EGT/CHT flight charts used for analysis

The world's most powerful web-based platform for piston aircraft engine analysis

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  • Supports all popular engine monitors (JPI, Avidyne, Garmin, Insight, Dynon and more)
  • Organizes and archives your engine monitor data -- unlimited storage
  • Includes powerful data analysis tools

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Expert, affordably priced analysis of your engine monitor data, performed by the industry's most experienced piston aircraft engine data analysts. Analysis can detect:

  • Now with FEVA™ technology! Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics for each flight you upload for analysis. Learn more
  • Fuel flows that need adjustment or fuel nozzles that need cleaning
  • Problems with magneto timing or condition
  • Failing EGT & CHT probes or harnesses, electrical system problems
  • On turbos, sticking wastegates, induction leaks, and other turbosystem problems
  • Problems with engine operating technique
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Packed with features! was designed for serious analysis by the professional analysts at Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management, Inc. who do this work every day.

Here's just some of what sets apart from other software:

  • Only SavvyAnalysis offers SavvyAnalysis Pro: affordable analysis of your engine data by expert analysts. Learn more...
  • File format compatible with all popular makes and models of engine monitor equipment
  • Web-based platform fully accessible from any standard web browser
  • Intuitive and easy to use for novices and experts alike
  • Packed with advanced features for serious analysis not available in other platforms. Learn more...
JPI Engine Monitor

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